Wednesday, May 27, 2015

It's been a few weeks..

So it's been a few weeks since I have blogged but I'm back at it today. We have been plagued with sickness in the Cruz household and are finally free of sickness.

Mother's day weekend I slept funny and was not able to move very well the entire weekend. I think it was a combination of sleeping in an odd position and pregnancy. Because of this we did not do anything we had planned for that Saturday. On that Friday we took Tony's Mom out to eat at Red Lobster and then went over to her house on Sunday. I got to speak with my mom on the phone. I sure do miss her. :( Tony and Rylan spoiled me with dinner, flowers and gifts. I bought a maternity dress to wear for maternity pictures. It arrived yesterday but I haven't tried it on yet.

The next weekend Rylan was sick so we stayed indoors all weekend to stop the spread of  the yucky virus. Tony went to his family reunion and played basketball with his cousins.

Memorial day weekend we visited the Dallas Children's Aquarium on Saturday, Sunday we spent at Tony's mom's and Monday we played at the Splash pad in Rockwall. We were in a stage 3 drought this time last year but this year we have received more than enough rain to bring us out of the drought and cause flash flooding. No water restrictions this summer! After the splash pad we headed to the West's for games and a bbq. It was a great weekend!

I have signed up Rylan for this first swimming lessons. We start Jun 8th! Tony is registered for the BYUI Pathway program and will begin that in September. Over all life is good.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Lake Day

I am blogging again and it hasn't been an entire year! 6 weeks until something becomes a habit right? Not much going on in the Cruz household. Tony coached soccer this morning and then we had a lake day at Lake Lavon. It was freezing at first but once you got use to it, felt good! Went with the West's and had a blast. 

I am thinking about signing Rylan up for Mommy and Me Swim Lessons. Something for us to do before baby T makes his appearance. I am in charge of an Activity Day Girls activity this week for Church. I have had weeks to plan and have nothing accomplished. I have been the queen of procrastination this month!

Friday, April 24, 2015

So Its April again...2015

So It has been an entire year since I have blogged. I have been updating myself on my family and friends blogs and have decided it's time to start up again. I will not re-cap all of the past year..there is just too much but will start out fresh today!


Tony has now been at his "new" job for an entire year now and it has been working out great! He is also playing Soccer at the Rise for a 30 year and older team. His team has won the Championship 3 seasons in a row now. Maybe I should go watch... He is also coaching a soccer team for the first time. He was nervous at first but has been doing a great job! Something I am very proud of is he completed his first half marathon!

I remember praying the whole time that he would cross the finish line happy and not hurt. :) This picture was at the end so my prayers were answered. He has promised me that he will complete some of his "Honey do" lists before this summer so stayed tuned for house improvements!

My sweet boy turns 2 in 2 months! I can't explain in words how much I love this kid. What a joy and blessing he has been in my life. He loves to say goodbye and blow kisses. Rylan's favorite song to sing is Wheels on the bus and he is very good at the actions. He loves mowing the lawn with dad and being outside as much as possible!

We are working on getting Rylan to speak/learn more words. I worry because I feel he is a little behind. He has been in and out of time out a lot as he is learning what he can get away with. He loves to push mom's buttons!

I am pregnant with baby BOY number 2! I will be outnumber by one more Boy in September. We held a gender reveal party and it was a lot of fun.

We are nervous for what the future will bring but excited! I think that catches us back up! Hope to keep up with blogging this year!

Monday, April 7, 2014

So its April..

March flew by and its already April 7th... Rylan has started "talking." I went to the shooting range for the first time. Rylan got his first stomach bug.  I ran 100 miles in one month. Rylan turned 9 months old and got his first hair cut. I ran a half marathon and Tony and I celebrated our two year anniversary. We also celebrated Mom's and Michael's birthdays and had a tree fall on our power line. That's all I can think of at the moment from looking at pictures. And we are off..

Rylan's first word was "Da Da." I keep working on him to say Mama but he is not interested.

We noticed one day that the lights kept flickering on and off in our house and our cable wasn't working. We called our cable guy and found out a tree in our back yard had fallen on the cable and electricity lines. Tony bought a drill and got to work. 

Tony took me to the shooting range for a date and then to CC's pizza. I wasn't a very fun date. After a few turns with the gun I was done. Even with the noise ear covers, it was just too loud. The smell of the gun smoke didn't sit well with my stomach either. Glad I got to go once though and experience it.

Mom's birthday was the 30th of March. I got to use my cricut to craft some of her gifts. You can tell I am a beginner but it was fun. Love my mom SOOO much. She is an amazing women!! Happy Birthday!

Michael had a birthday too. We got to go to the park and grill hot-dogs and play at the playground. This was the first time we have taken Rylan to the park. We couldn't understand why he didn't appear to be enjoying himself. Later we found out it was the beginning of a three day stomach bug. We did get a few pictures though.

We also made a cake for Michael's birthday. We are thinking about doing something like this for Rylan's party as well in July.

And to end March. I ran 100 miles total in the month of March. Feels good to see this!

We took Rylan in for this first hair cut. He did SO GOOD. There were no tears and it turned out so cute. Thanks Brenda!

I ran my 6th half-marathon on Saturday with Teresa and Lizeth. (Missed ya Nora!) It was perfect weather. Everyone did SO good.

Tony and I celebrate on 2nd year anniversary this month. We got each other Nike+ GPS watches for running. I used it for the first time at the half. Cant wait to use it more. Tony also wrote a sweet note for me on facebook. I don't get nice notes like these too often so I have to share it has much as possible when I do get them.

"I'm so happy that I made the decision to track this girl down 3 years ago. Today is our two year anniversary. Its been really amazing. Im glad that I have a small family and not lonely in this world."

And last but not least....our baby boy turned 9 months old. Today I took him into the doc for his nine month check up and blood draw. He didn't like the blood draw very much.

Here are his stats: 
Weight-16.4 (5%)
Height-27.3 (9%)
Head- 18.3 (87%)

He is a little boy with a big head but is still growing as he should. Love him SOO much!!

And that's all folks!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

End of February at the Cruz's

This is my favorite time on Sunday mornings. Although 1:00 church start time is rough on us, I really enjoy my Sunday mornings while my two boys sleep! Ahhh silence. :)

We have been to lots of Birthday Parties this month. Most recently Evan West, turning 1 and Yahir Perez Jr, turning 3. This last year as flown by! I feel like Trixie was just bringing Evan home. Rylan loves visiting his cousins and playing with them. We are so lucky to have so many cousins his age.

Texas weather has been crazy. 80 degrees one day and 20 the next with freezing ice. We have been trying to make the most of the sunny days.

 We took Ry to Bass Pro shop for this first time yesterday so he could see the fish. He was tired, so he wasnt very interested, but we got some good snap shots.

Tony starts a new job on Friday. We are nervous but feel very blessed and excited for this new opportunity of our family. Wishing him the best of luck! I've been working and training for my half marathon. We are up to 10 miles, which we ran yesterday. It was real tough but I'm coming along. Rylan is 8 months today and is such a good baby. We love him SO much!! Cant wait to see the new things he learns this month.